Think Snow?

A Not-Quite-Winter-Wonderland We’ve had an usually mild winter, for Minnesota. Especially compared to last winter’s epic snowfalls and brutal cold snaps. Right now the poor ice sculptures are melting in Rice Park. They had been championing St Paul’s annual Winter Carnival but it’s more like St Paul slush right now, with temps in the 40s. […]


Something’s Turning Over This past Saturday morning, and again yesterday morning, I woke to snow on the ground. But just last week I’d woken to sunny 70s in Palm Springs, California and hopped into a hot tub and then a pool before breakfast. Usually I ride out our long winter-into-spring season fairly patiently but having […]

Flying High

Winter Fun With Strings Attached Minnesotans must find unique ways to entertain themselves over the long winters. Some are into snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing. I prefer the more inexpensive yet creative options. Yesterday we braved the sub-zero windchills, bundled up in snowpants, to toddle around on Lake Harriet for the 10th Annual Kite Festival. […]