House of Balls

Large metal sculpture of a face hanging on a brick wall with disco lights shining on it at night

Under normal circumstances, Spring in Minnesota is a time where many of us begin to emerge from our homes where we’ve hunkered down during cold, dark winters. That’s obviously only been exacerbated because of the pandemic. Now that I’m vaccinated, I made it to an outdoor live music event / social gathering. The weather was […]


Come join us for our annual Conspiracy of Strange Girls art show. The theme is liminality featuring artwork about change, new beginnings, transitions, and thresholds. We will be unveiling the work with an opening reception on Saturday, January 19th and the work will be on display until January 27th. Artspace Jackson Flats 901 18 1/2 […]

A Tough Sell

Like many of us, I have more ideas than time to execute them. Especially these days. My son is about to graduate from high school (which seems unreal). And this process is a little more involved for him than it is for a neurotypical student. My son is on the autism spectrum so there have […]


For our annual Conspiracy of Strange Girls group art show, we celebrate the Covenant: our choices, the contracts we make, the agreements that we decide to uphold, and our chosen family. Our event is listed in the City Pages A-List: This weekend, A Conspiracy of Strange Girls returns with a wonderfully witchy group show. The […]