Summer’s Long Shadow

This summer started off with so much promise, with my son’s high school graduation and subsequent party. But things quickly went downhill from there. There have been many missteps, some on my part, but mostly factors out of our control. We had to move suddenly from our home of 4+ years due to an unabated mold problem that made me seriously ill. That ate up all of July and part of August too. While we’re not completely unpacked we are settled in and, thankfully, feeling at home. And I’m feeling healthier in a mold-free house. Now we’re trying to cram in as much summer fun as possible before the inevitable long winter sets in.

Last Sunday I had an eye on the forecast. It was raining on and off all morning. The radar cleared up a bit around lunchtime so we took a chance and drove out to the Renaissance Festival. It was perfect! Not even a sprinkle and the crowds were light. We were able to amble around without getting cranky or overstimulated. My son got his fill of jugglers, corn on the cob and oohing and ahhing over the animals in the petting zoo. He also wore his crown from Homecoming so at least a dozen performers stopped to bow to him. He was eating that up, of course.

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