The Great Reset

Starry night sky with trees

Sometimes a course correction is needed. I’ve gotten better at identifying these situations more quickly and coming up with solutions. Recently, I wrote about this on my old school blog. Call it the Great Resignation or Reshuffle or what have you. But I needed a career reset. This week I started a new job. I believe it will be a better fit. First I gave myself a much-needed break. Last week, I headed up North for a solo stay in a gorgeous dome home. I highly recommend it. I didn’t get outside as much as intended, due to a major thunderstorm, but it was still lovely. Very cozy inside my dome with its pellet stove. I hope to get back up there. Though future travel will be more challenging, now that one of our elderly cats requires prescription food and medicines. I’ll daydream of the dome often.

Exterior of white dome home against a blue sky
Cozy interior of dome home
Interior view of dome home from loft
Starry night sky, without light pollution
Lake Superior shore near Grand Marais

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