Commanding Presence

Lauren of Mahngüs

House by the Witches Tower

Gen X jokes aside, I’ve spent much of my life feeling invisible. Or, alternately, feeling a bit like a cartoon character or caricature. Either way, I’ve felt disconnected from others – family, classmates, colleagues. For over thirty years the Twin Cities music scene has provided me a safe haven. Spaces where I can stop holding my breath and relax. Last night was no exception. An acquaintance hosts music events in her lovely home. This latest show featured Brooklyn’s Weeping Icon. I’d been enjoying their last album all week. Seeing them perform in such a comfortable venue was exactly what I needed. Along with catching up with old friends. A perfect Fall evening.

Liquid Music

The weekend before, I shared an incredible meal with a friend at Kado no Mise before walking down to The Lab Theater. We barely squeaked into a sold-out Liquid Music Series performance of Let the Crows Come by choreographer/dancer Ashwini Ramaswamy. We had amazing seats in the front row. The music and choreography were so captivating I didn’t capture a single photo. Every Liquid Music Series event I’ve attended has been similarly enchanting. Unfortunately, they’ve lost their funding. I’m gutted. I hope funding comes through to revive the series. I need my music magic.

Bonus: on a related note (music and magic), I saw this great video yesterday.

Before the computer age, Letraset typefaces allowed anyone to make professional-looking graphics on the cheap. It soon became central to punk and the DIY fanzine scene.

Letraset: The Punk Designer’s Best Friend
Sara, the singer of Weeping Icon
Lonnie, the drummer of Weeping Icon
Sarah, the bass player of Weeping Icon
Lauren of Mahngüs
Erik with Mahngüs
Dan with Mahngüs
Jason of Comes Ov Cupid

There are more photos on my Facebook photography page. Thanks for looking!

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