Oh Salty Sea

Much of the focus of my photo blog has been on travel. Something I’ve always felt passionately about. Given we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, we’re barely leaving our home. It’s surreal how quickly things can change. We are in better shape than many, though our two person household has lost two of our three jobs. I am very lucky I am able to work from home. But it was the income from my second job that allowed me to travel more. Something I am grateful for. With this sudden downtime I’ve been going through my photo backlog. There are so many shots from my last trip, when I spent a beautiful week in Portugal. Somehow that was just back in January but feels like a lifetime ago. I’m going to start with some shots of Sintra’s Pena Palace.

View from above of visitors to Pena Palace, on multiple terraces
One of the entrances to Pena Palace
Looking up at Pena Palace
Another angle from the sprawling Pena Palace
Strangers taking photos at Pena Palace
From the side of Pena Palace
More strangers taking photos at Pena Palace
A woman standing alone outside of Pena Palace
A Moorish gate at Pena Palace
View from below of a sea god on the side of Pena Palace

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