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Sad looking jack-o-lantern

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have instilled that in my son, too. He has taken it even further with year-round cosplay at various comic cons. And I am a-ok with that. But this Halloween he is far more prepared than I am while I’m scrambling at the last minute. Thankfully, I’ve got some lovely friends. This morning I put out a call on social media and one fairy godmother offered to loan me a costume. I realized how I could add some depth to it fairly easily. More to come on that.

We have four Halloween parties to attend at three homes in Minneapolis, and one on a farm (with goats!) and they all start at THE SAME TIME. The hosts are all lovely friends. I would love to attend all of them but we’re being realistic. We hope to get to at least two of the gatherings. Tomorrow we’re hosting our own small pumpkin-carving party. Now that we’re in our condo we finally have a dining room again! But we may not have a great spot to display our jack-o-lanterns. And I doubt there’s much trick or treating traffic on our block. But that’s ok.

Other Fall / Halloween 2019 activities:

Now I have just a few hours to get into the zone. Need some solid achievement mode progress (around the house, work / teaching stuff) before I allow myself to slip into party mode. I will post costume party pics soon. Happy Halloween!

Cyclops jack-o-lantern
Dozens of jack-o-lanterns of varying sizes
jack-o-lanterns with cute faces
Anxious looking jack-o-lantern

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