Northward Equinox

Springing Ahead
The Walker Art Center’s Sculpture Garden has long been one of my favorite places in Minneapolis (along with the Walker itself). I clearly remember my first visit, on a field trip with my suburban (but nearly rural) school. It just felt magical. Like a creative oasis. I started visiting on my own as a teenager. Over the years some installations have changed while others remain. I’ve shown it off to friends visiting from out of town. And throughout my son’s life I’ve taken him there fairly regularly. He particularly enjoys the artist-designed mini golf in the summer time. I’ve photographed friends and family there, including a wedding, and more than one family portrait session. Now spring has finally sprung, sort of. My seasonal allergies say yes, the current gloomy-cold weather says no. But there was one gorgeous weekend recently where Minnesotans shed their outer layers and enjoyed mild temps outdoors in short sleeves. And I had the pleasure of photographing another adorable family in one of my favorite spots.

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