First Birthday

Ray of Sunshine
February in Minnesota can be a tough month. Technically it’s the shortest one but we’re so deep into winter it can really drag. So it’s best to look for bright spots. I found one last weekend. A lovely family asked me to meet them at the Mall of America to take some photos on their daughter’s first birthday. Normally the MOA would be a fairly quiet place at 9:30am on a Saturday, before the stores open. Little did we know there would be a Walk to Cure Diabetes happening at the same time. Thousands of walkers arrived at the mall before we did, to register and begin their event. That certainly made the shoot more lively. But we were able to go with the flow – or sometimes fight our way upstream – and get some great shots.

Ayla's First Birthday, striking a sassy pose

Ayla with Jumbo Lockers

Ayla with her cute funny walk

Ayla attempting to get into a jumbo locker

Ayla smiling after a bit of chocolate cupcake

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