Poetic Edda

The Wild Hunt
This past Friday night’s art opening was a smashing success. Many thanks to: the Black Dog for hosting; to all who came out for it; to my amazing models; to our curator Pati Hibbard Chavez; and to my co-exhibitors, Josh Journey-Heinz and Dan Wieken, whose artwork was brilliant. Dan even put out a new book of illustrations for the show, available here. I did something completely out of character that night. I left my camera at home! I wanted to experience the evening rather than document it. Thankfully my dear friend Ericka Baille-Byrne took some lovely photos at the event.

I did something else out of character today. This afternoon has been spent adding watermarks to my photos. Personally I dislike watermarks but, in these days of rampant copyright infringement and intellectual property theft, concede that they are a necessity. More often than not my Creative Commons license settings have been completely ignored.

In happier news, a bit about the photos in this series. My personal take, when out with my intrepid models, was to imagine I was shooting album covers for imaginary metal bands, all with a Norse mythology theme. Despite the extremely cold weather we endured it was a whole lot of fun. There are sixteen photos total in the show, and those are available as 12 x 18 prints. All can be seen on flickr now (watermarked) or in person at The Black Dog through the end of this month. I’ve made a portion of them (ten) available on etsy, as postcards. Tell your friends!

The Valkyries



The Littlest Wizard


Chooser of the Slain

Dan Wieken's Booke of Logos

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  1. It should be noted that 99% of my photos were snapped from the seat at which I’d parked myself for the evening. 😉

  2. Which makes them *that* much more remarkable, don’t you think?

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