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Weekends of Weddings
The past few years I’ve had the opportunity to shoot many lovely weddings. Being that this is Minnesota, though, even the hardiest of us prefer to hold/attend weddings during milder weather. So it’s generally a seasonal gig. Which means many couples are scrambling for the most desirable time slots at the best spots. Recently I realized all the weddings I’ve documented were right here in the Twin Cities metro area. Until now. Two consecutive weekends of weddings took me to two very different regions of Minnesota – and both were locations I had never visited until this year.

Get Embarrassed!
Not everyone is aware of Embarrass, MN. Some seem to think it’s a fictional locale, not unlike Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon. But I assure you Embarrass is very real! And now one of my favorite places to visit up North.
The peace and quiet and lack of light pollution – so many visible stars in the sky! Oh, and traditional saunas galore (pronounced SOW-nah, like the Finns say it). Though it often has the dubious honor of having the coldest recorded temperatures in the country. Labor Day weekend wasn’t much different. After a sunny and mild Saturday in the 60s the overnight lows plummeted to a frigid 27°! Both former and current residents barely batted an eyelash at this. But they did make sure to get the tomato plants covered.

Embarrass River Trading Post


the beautiful bride


the lovely couple, moments before the ceremony


Marilyn, reading


the minister has something to say




Sam, in a field




post-wedding partying


Lake Beebe
The previous weekend’s wedding wasn’t quite so far out of the cities – in St. Michael, MN. I was most worried about this one as we’d been in the thick of a heatwave for weeks, complete with high high humidity. But just days before the wedding the perfect cold front moved in. It was still sunny and warm but much more breathable. Especially with the mild breeze coming in off of the lake. It was an all around lovely day and evening, with catering by Chowgirls and cakes from Cake Eater Bakery. Couldn’t be any more perfect!

the bride, letting her hair down


pink flowers






Cake Eater cakes


tent on the lake shore




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