Adult Books

Labor / Leisure in the Common Room
Wednesday night I attended another fine event at The Soap Factory (guess I’ve been gushing a lot about them, but I do appreciate the space). I joined others in The Common Room as “Adult Books” (Casey Deming, John Jerry, Jennifer Jerry, Tom Kaczynski, Ginny Maki, Anna Tsantir and Zak Sally) facilitated a book-making workshop and assembly line. They were on hand to guide participants through the creation and assembly of “a limited-edition art book that explores the relationship between the Mill District’s industrial past and leisure-focused present.” The book features contributions from the group, plus Ruben Nusz, Jes Seamans, Aaron Anderson, DNML, and others. Participants earned a copy of the completed book as payment for their services. Sadly my attention span was too short to assemble a book, but I did photographically document others doing so. And afterward I snuck downstairs for a sneak peek of The Haunted Basement. Too bad I can’t make it to tonight’s Chatroulette event at Art of This (and that this is the last weekend before they close down that space, forever and ever).

punch cards

leisure / labor

Zak, folding


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