Love Is In The Air

Move the Heart, Switch the Pace
Love is in the air. As well as lots and lots of moisture. Saturday morning I woke to rain. I feared I would have to reschedule a lovely couple’s engagement shoot. But they were flexible and we waited it out. Sure enough the clouds parted and the sun re-appeared by afternoon. Though the air remained thick. This is August in Minnesota after all. That means muggy! It was challenging enough for me to remain energetic while running around Irvine Park and Lowertown in St. Paul’s hot stew, but it was much worse for the groom-to-be. He was all decked out in a steaming hot SUIT. Still, we endured. And our perseverance resulted in some fine shots of the happy couple.

Sunday wasn’t quite so pleasant. Our booth at the Uptown Market? A complete bust. Between the three of us sharing the tent only one made a sale. But I can’t blame folks for not coming out (or for being too apathetic to browse or buy if they did). The heat index was something like 105°. I can’t recall the last time I was so very hot and uncomfortable for such a long period of time. Still, I think the idea is sound:

The Uptown Market is a venue to enhance the quality of life for the community through the gathering of local artisans, craftspeople, small business owners, area farmers, and neighbors.

A place where small vendors can come and sell their goods to the public, the Minneapolis Uptown Market unites the community. The Uptown Market will offer an opportunity for community organizations to outreach to the public.

And I do plan to try again – just during better weather. Sweater weather. I yearn for yarn!



a shot from today's session with Jessica & Nils

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