An Adventure In Temporal Journey

The Only Way Out Is Through
As a resident of the Twin Cities I feel lucky to have access to so many art galleries and other creative spaces. Just last week I attended a Red76 curated event and another evening caught one of the ARTERY TWENTYTEN performances, hosted by The Soap Factory. There is always something happening around town.

This week? The long-anticipated opening of Smell the Glove: a Spinal Tap Art Exhibit. I managed to get my submission in for this group show (albeit a little late). A friend paid me the compliment of calling it my Mapplethorpe. But you’ll just have to swing by the exhibit to see for yourself! One of my models asked me not to post the photo on the internet, and to keep his identity anonymous. But if you come to the PG-13 opening Saturday night, August 7th, you will have the chance to check it out.

This weekend contains other photographic adventures as well. I have an engagement photo shoot lined up for a lovely couple, which may include some of their household’s critters. And I will also be sharing a booth – selling prints and postcards and whatnot – at the Uptown Art Market which is going on at the same time and very near the annual Uptown Art Fair. Stop by and say hi if you can.

Dan in a box

Dan's silhouette

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