Letting the Days Go By

Three giant deep sea diver kites trailed by a giant manta ray kite

In the past, I’ve written about how challenging Minnesotan winters can be. And that was without the added obstacle of a pandemic, when it was still safe to gather indoors with friends and family. Now that we’re into our third pandemic winter, I know I took past indoor winter hangouts for granted. Or just anti-social outings to the movies. Yesterday, I saw one of my closest friends, in person, for the first time this year. Outside on a frozen lake. Along with her husband, who flies kites. The Lake Harriet Kite Festival is something we all look forward to every winter. I’m proud of us for making it out there yesterday, despite the bitter cold. It was the first time I’d shot with one of my DSLRs for too long. Felt good. After the event, I posted some pics and videos from my phone. A friend who grew up here, but ran off to California years ago, commented that Minnesotans are weird. That is true, I suppose. But she was commenting, in particular, on a video of a kite featuring dancing legs.

There are other outdoor activities to investigate this winter. Stillwater is hosting the ongoing World Snow Sculpting Championship and an Ice Palace Maze. There are Ice castles in New Brighton. And, closer to home, the Art Shanty Projects will be running for a few more weekends yet.

Two giant cat kites, one in white the other in gray, floating above a frozen lake

A giant kite of Liz Taylor as a Cleopatra

Large kite of a woman's legs. When caught by the wind, it appears the legs are kicking and dancing.

A woman bundled up on a frozen lake with kites flying behind her

A man on a frozen lake preparing to fly a kite

Kite that is a long tube of black material hovering just above a frozen lake

A person sitting in a chair on a frozen lake controlling a kite of a bit white dove

A white dove kite flying against a dark blue sky with some white clouds

A red octopus kite flying against a cloudy sky

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