Swan Dive

snowbanks and water with swans and ducks

Walking has been my main form of exercise for many years now, but especially during the pandemic. Early last week I was looking ahead to the impending polar arctic vortex. While the weather was still mild, I forced myself outside. In the last few weeks, I’ve been making more of an effort to take my DSLR out. Our state is in the grips of an extended deep freeze now. I’m glad I made the trek out to the suburbs to snap a few photos of trumpeter swans. The swans were equally majestic and derpy. They looked so graceful one moment, then were slipping and sliding down the snowbank the next, while nipping at each other’s tail feathers and honking. It was all quite entertaining. Especially when a few decided to show off by running on the water (turn the sound up for that video).

Swan on snowbank
Swan patrolling the shoreline
Another shot of the swan
Many swans and some ducks on the water

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