Spectrum of Risk

I have posted about being Minnesotan. And the need to seek out activities over our long winters to avoid cabin fever. Or to get out on hot summer days, when our homes don’t have central air conditioning. I experienced an added dimension to this as the single parent of a child with autism. Early on he was physically larger than his peers while also experiencing a developmental delay. Interacting with other kids and parents was often exhausting. At the playground or the children’s museum or wherever. I adapted. I learned to craft experiences and adventures for just the two of us. It could be lonely at times, but we had our own fun. With the pandemic at play, I’m dusting off that toolset again while ratcheting up my risk assessment skills.

It hasn’t been such a burden for us to stay home, with our cats. We have groceries delivered. We both enjoy cooking a great deal. My son is generously sharing his Nintendo Switch with me and we’re watching so many movies and shows. I’ve read a lot of books and we’ve worked through a few puzzles. But there are times where we need to get out while also avoiding large crowds. The virus is more dangerous indoors than out. That means the coming winter will be the most challenging.

For now we have outdoor adventures. This weekend we’ll take a short road trip to get some vegan-friendly Minneapple Pies. Usually we only find those at the MN State Fair, but that’s been canceled for this year, understandably. We also hope to get to some of the drive-in theaters before Fall. There’s Vali Hi and Elko Speedway. And Franconia Sculpture Park will be hosting some movie nights as well.

Last weekend we made a reservation at the recently reopened Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. The number of visitors is strictly limited, masks are required, and paths are one way. It felt safe and it was relaxing and the change of scenery was just the thing.

inside the Como Conservatory
stone pathway inside the Como Conservatory
large leaves
purple orchids
lily pads with white lotus flower
lily pads with purple lotus flower
The Ordway Garden entrance, with sign about face masks
My son, wearing a mask, near bonsai trees
pine trees and pretty sky
More pine trees and pretty sky
hallway lined with potted trees inside the Como Conservatory

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