Hothouse Flowers

When I woke up Friday morning I checked my weather app then dressed in multiple layers, like a good Minnesotan. And left for work in the dark with temperatures of -10 and windchill -25. Not so great for the body or soul. Same goes for watching extra bleak Black Mirror episodes in the dead of winter. Or being stranded with car problems on subzero days (I am so thankful for my AAA membership). I’m not making resolutions this new year but I do need to ramp up my self care efforts a bit, in general, to combat the cabin fever.

Some coping mechanisms:

  • Cooking. Either testing out new recipes or busting out old favorites. I find it cathartic and it helps warm up the house.
  • Listening to comedy podcasts instead of just seriously sad ones. Just caught up on some Nerdist episodes, including one with Bruce Campbell. My son complained from the other room that I was laughing too loud. Mom needed that, kid.
  • In winter I spend too much time on the couch but there’s something satisfying about leaving the Netflix fireplace on (basic – just crackling sounds, no music) while reading a good book.
  • Every year I intend to meditate and don’t. Dan Harris Knows All Your Excuses for Not Meditating. Maybe that will change this year.

2017 was a weird year for me in general but a great one for travel. But there are folders of photos I hadn’t gotten around to editing yet. Including the below shots from the gorgeous Glasgow Botanic Gardens, a quick walk from my comfortable hotel. It’s bittersweet remembering the warm sunshine and a world in bloom but it will happen again.

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