The Tyranny of Distance

Over the years more and more of my favorite people have dispersed, around the country and the globe. We still have family and friends in the Twin Cities area but so many have gone elsewhere. I’ve met plenty of new friends and colleagues who are from and live in other parts of the world. I’ve been lucky to be able to travel and visit many of them. 2017 has been a shitshow for global, national and local politics and news. More so than usual. But it’s been a great one for me, travel wise. For my son’s Spring break we soaked up the sun in Palm Springs, California while it was still snowing at home in Minnesota. In May I spent a few weeks in Denmark, Germany and Scotland for work and for fun – catching up IRL with friends I made on flickr over a decade ago. In July we spent time with family in Washington state and again, lucked out with gorgeous weather. And October’s Fall break found my son and I in New Orleans for the first time. So far I don’t have any concrete travel plans for 2018. I’m curious what the year will hold for me, and for all of us. But I hope to continue reconnecting with family and friends.

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