Polar Night

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
The shortest day of the year is behind us now, in the Northern Hemisphere. As are the holidays and the distractions they bring. Now what’s a Minnesotan to do? Sadly it looks like the Art Shanty Projects are taking this winter off. But the St. Paul Winter Carnival is right around the corner. And the 8th Annual Art Sled Rally is happening at Powderhorn Park Saturday, January 31st.

If you are more inclined to stay indoors, there are plenty of other options.

  • It’s possible to enjoy indoor activities even at the Winter Carnival. One of my favorites is the Saintly City Cat Show, held inside the RiverCentre. This year it’s Saturday, January 24th and Sunday the 25th (disregard their site’s typos).
  • Minnesota is under another Wind Chill Warning. That sends me burrowing under the covers. Though I have other friends who enjoy winter camping during the deep freeze. They must be part-Sasquatch. If I were to venture out it would be for a visit to the humid Como Conservatory. Being around all the lush plant life allows me to forget the harsh elements outside, for just a little while.
  • My pal Theresa brought her signature series, Trash Film Debauchery, back to the Turf Club last night with a showing of Masters of the Universe featuring Dolph Lundgren (A LOT of Dolph – ooof, that outfit). Looks like this will be a regular event every first Monday of the month at the Turf. Along with the other screenings at the Trylon.
  • Another more physical option is SkyZone – the chain of indoor trampoline parks. A great way for the kids to burn off excess energy but also good for grown-ups. Possibly in smaller doses. And I’m seriously tempted to try their trampoline aerobics class, despite the injury/embarrassment risks.

It’s far too tempting to just stay inside all of the time. Especially since Netflix made the Fireplace For Your Home series available. What are your winter coping strategies?

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