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Relationships are hard work. I have firsthand experience with this. So I’m always overjoyed when friends, acquaintances and even strangers call upon me to help them document the happier moments in their relationships. The moments that have been worth fighting for. Celebrating engagements, weddings, wedding anniversaries, maternity photos, family portraits. All of it. The good stuff.

I don’t believe that couples who choose not to marry are any less real. Domestic partnerships are just as powerful as the marriages that come stamped with a governmental seal of approval. But still. It should be an option. A choice. There are benefits that come with taking that particular big step. And it has always saddened me that this choice and those benefits were not available to same sex couples. I’ve attended my share of same sex weddings but those weren’t legally recognized in my home state. Until now. (Well, starting tomorrow, August 1st, 2013.) This past Spring made me so proud of my city and my state, as we became the 12th in the nation to legalize marriage equality. And through legislation, no less! I know the civil rights fight isn’t over yet but this was a big step.

And yes, I would be THRILLED to photograph upcoming same sex weddings! Get in touch. Below are some examples of my past wedding work.






Castros' 10th Wedding Anniversary



Ruth & Ben wedding, March 2013

Ruth & Ben wedding, March 2013

Ruth & Ben wedding, March 2013

Kyle's bouquet

such a cute couple

Kjrsten & David

the bride's hands

bride's feet, the day of


the happy couple with cupcakes


Jessica & Nils got married

the beautiful bride

Lauren & Pete

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