Faux Fighting

Battle(s) of the Bands
In some ways, winter in Minnesota can yield more inspiration than our warm weather months can. More time to sit still and allow plans to form. Not that I’ve been sitting still much. With this winter being so very mild I’ve been going out more, instead of falling into the cozy trap of couch and cats and comforters. But even with, and maybe because of, my active social life the ideas for my new photo series have been coming together nicely. I’ve been talking it through with friends and acquaintances and hope to start shooting in early Spring. I’m excited! In the mean time, here are some photos from a few lovely shows I’ve attended so far in 2012.

American Cream / Jabberjosh / The Deaf / Seawhores at Kitty Cat Klub

Steph of The Deaf

David of The Deaf

Holly, hands

American Cream

Cadette, Oaks, Crimes at Memory Lanes

crazy face


Ice Rod Chatroulette, with Littlefoot and NV

Ice Rod Chat Roulette


Beth Anne of Littlefoot

Girls Night Out at the Amsterdam with Hot Rash, Cadette and The Pinsch


Hot Rash

Perish at the Kitty Cat Klub, with Bloode Folke and Blood & Sun

Blood Folke


Perish & Kitty Cat Klub

The Deaf’s Saturday night residency at Grumpy’s

The Deaf

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