Pretty In Pink

Isn’t She?
The bride really was pretty in (pale) pink. I love that dress! And what a delightful couple to work with. Though we’d all been doing a bit of hand wringing ahead of time. This outdoor wedding had the misfortune of being scheduled smack dab in the midst of near-monsoon rains. But Minnesota-style, of course. This was just the day before the big tornado that tore through much of North Minneapolis. Somehow the skies cleared up just as it neared portrait time. The wedding party met in the Lyndale Park Rose Garden, where we engaged in a somewhat complicated ballet twirling around others in finery – prom parties, other weddings and a Quinceañera – jockeying for the prime spots for portraits. But it all worked out. And afterward the ceremony and reception were held nearby at Beard’s Plaisance park. Where the skies didn’t open back up until after things were already winding down. A perfect Saturday afternoon, sheltered from the storms.

such a cute couple

swinging the bride around


climbing trees

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