Too Much of a Good Thing
In Minnesota it is Mother Nature who is the supreme authority. Plans can be tentatively made but ultimately? They must be rubber-stamped by her. And she can be a cruel cruel mistress. Take last Saturday. I had lined up back-to-back sessions with families around the metro area, and had really been looking forward to them. She had other ideas. Like unleashing a snowstorm overnight that dumped half a foot of snow which made travel difficult to impossible. Most of my clients were flexible and understanding about the need to reschedule. And I managed to dig out in time to make it to one of my afternoon sessions that had, thankfully, been planned not far from my home in downtown St. Paul. And featured a very expressive, personable little girl. It really was a winter wonderland in Rice Park and outside of Landmark Center. But now? It’s getting to be TOO much. I have two sessions scheduled for tomorrow – yet another Saturday – but I’ll be shocked if either happens.

Paul Douglas: Up to 2 feet of snow, drifts up to 5 feet
The storm arriving tonight has the potential to be the biggest winter storm for much of Minnesota since the 1991 Halloween blizzard. Possible white-out conditions south and west of the Twin Cities, and wind chills of -20 to -35.



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