Summer Lovin’

Tell Me More, Tell Me More Relationships are hard work. I have firsthand experience with this. So I’m always overjoyed when friends, acquaintances and even strangers call upon me to help them document the happier moments in their relationships. The moments that have been worth fighting for. Celebrating engagements, weddings, wedding anniversaries, maternity photos, family […]

Minnesota Nice

Weekends of Weddings The past few years I’ve had the opportunity to shoot many lovely weddings. Being that this is Minnesota, though, even the hardiest of us prefer to hold/attend weddings during milder weather. So it’s generally a seasonal gig. Which means many couples are scrambling for the most desirable time slots at the best […]

In Dangerous Flirts

Love Comes In Spurts Spring is approaching. The sunlight is growing stronger and warmer and our world is thawing. The warmup brings relief and giddiness and anticipation of more good things to come. Regularly relaxing on the front porch. Playing outside with my son. Road trips to the aforementioned pizza farm. The painting of a […]