Forward March

Follow the Leader It has been an exceptionally hot and generally dry summer, filled with activities. I’m pausing on this rare rainy day to look back at a subset of these outdoor activities. Marching band parades. One was a dry run along the West Bank, from the Mixed Blood Theatre to The Nomad World Pub. […]

Tricks and Treats

Nothing Lasts Forever And so ends Halloween season for 2010. But it will not be forgotten! We have many happy memories after hosting an enjoyable pumpkin carving party. And fun was had with a very Four Square-y Halloween at Clockwork. We also attended a swank costume party (where everyone really got into the spirit *and* […]

Happy Days

Beautiful Brides and Good Looking Grooms Wedding season 2010 is in full swing and I hadn’t yet posted highlights from 2009! Without further adieu, shots from a few of the fun weddings I had the pleasure to document. In May, ceremony and reception held at the Minnetonka Orchards In July, ceremony at Father Hennepin Bluffs […]

Memetic Density

The Great Minnesota Get Together It’s MN State Fair time and local bloggers are abuzz about all the new offerings and old standards. I have my own personal favorites, food and attraction-wise. My son and I spent a solid seven hours there Friday and yet I still missed a few things. We skipped the Midway […]

Baby Blue

Strike Another Match, Go Start Anew Friday saw the end of an era. My friends’ band, Charles de Gaulle, played their final show (one of the members is moving out of state). It was a solid last stand, played with Falcon Crest and Meth & Goats. But CDG will be missed. More photos here. Tweet

When I Go Deaf

Here Comes That Cold Sunrise Spring is here, technically. And we’ve even experienced some Spring-like weather recently. But today has been a rainy Monday chock full of gloom and doom. To snap out of my funk I am going to look ahead, to the many music festivals and other adventures that are on their way. […]