Unicorn Tears

Blueberry Almond Vegan Goodness On this Earth Day I’d like to give another shout out to the lovely Sheela Namakkal, the Cupcake Lady, and her vegan-friendly offerings. Her goods are available around the Twin Cities but last weekend she launched a new, all-vegan Cupcake Saturday right in my backyard. Well, technically at Eco-Tique on St. […]

Hollow Dreams

Speaking Without Breathing It’s been described as “a garage sale held by mental patients” – except nothing is for sale. I found the House on the Rock to be far more magical than that but undeniably strange. And sometimes sad. We encountered much that was beautiful, but mostly bizarre. I’ve posted more photos to flickr […]

Art Shanties

Victory Over the Sun This winter just keeps on keeping on. It was -3°F when we left the house this morning. And my son has been marking the days off on his calendar and essentially asking “are we there yet?” on a regular basis. No son, not just yet. But soon. Very soon.

Miel y Leche

My Sweet Tooth I have another busy weekend ahead of me but there will be time for cupcakes. Because there must be! Tonight the lovely Daley will be providing some at Eclipse Records, for the TEVS 4 Release Show with The Blind Shake, The Chambermaids and Seawhores. And I am mightily tempted by the prospect […]