O Tannenbaum

Christmastime is Here We’ve done it! Somehow we have survived all the blizzardings (though it is, again, snowing) and are in the home stretch. Christmas is THIS WEEK. My son is thrilled. And I’m pretty pleased as well. Holiday parties have been attended, presents purchased and wrapped, and I did manage to reschedule a couple […]

Battle of the Bulge

Sweet Tooth It’s hard enough at my wonderful workplace, what with all the donuts and pizza and various other waistline un-friendly treats laying around. But now we’ve entered the holiday season of excess! I will try to indulge only in moderation. And maybe opt to take photos of many sweets instead of eating them. It […]

Tricks and Treats

Nothing Lasts Forever And so ends Halloween season for 2010. But it will not be forgotten! We have many happy memories after hosting an enjoyable pumpkin carving party. And fun was had with a very Four Square-y Halloween at Clockwork. We also attended a swank costume party (where everyone really got into the spirit *and* […]

Deep Breathing

Watch Me Jumpstart This morning I took a break from my usual hectic routine. To pause for just a moment. And to take a few deep breaths. I allowed myself to enjoy the relative calm of Como Lake. Sure, there were your usual joggers and dog walkers and baby stroller pushers on the paths, but […]

As American As

Apple Orchard Season Fall is my favorite time of year in the upper Midwest. Leaves change color. Foods like pumpkin, squash and apples come into season. And apple orchards everywhere open up to the public for hay rides and corn mazes and other activities. Last Sunday I took a break from trip prep to take […]

Time Flies

Delaying the Inevitable September has been a speeding bullet. Packed with deadlines – personal and professional. Ceaseless celebrations – birthdays and weddings. My son’s transition to a new school. And an ever expanding mountain of To Dos. It’s all been a bit much. Which is why I said yes to a dinner party with friends […]

Minnesota Nice

Weekends of Weddings The past few years I’ve had the opportunity to shoot many lovely weddings. Being that this is Minnesota, though, even the hardiest of us prefer to hold/attend weddings during milder weather. So it’s generally a seasonal gig. Which means many couples are scrambling for the most desirable time slots at the best […]

Adult Books

Labor / Leisure in the Common Room Wednesday night I attended another fine event at The Soap Factory (guess I’ve been gushing a lot about them, but I do appreciate the space). I joined others in The Common Room as “Adult Books” (Casey Deming, John Jerry, Jennifer Jerry, Tom Kaczynski, Ginny Maki, Anna Tsantir and […]

Local Flavor

Xpos and Experiences The first annual Minneapolis Indie Xpo was a smashing success, despite the oppressive heat and humidity. It was steamy hot inside The Soap Factory, which threatened to melt the frosting off The Donut Cooperative’s tasty offerings, but it didn’t seem to keep the crowds away. We visited with many friends and acquaintances […]

Umm Yum

Sugar, Ah, Honey, Honey Some days are stressful. But quality distractions can help. Like episodes of Futurama via Netflix Instant. And this interview with a baby sloth wrangler. And the critters on Cute Overload. And hey, dudes with beards eating cupcakes! Recently my hirsute co-workers helped me create my own take on this. (Full set […]